Process & Considerations

The Landscape Architectural firm of David C. Scarborough conducts thorough site analysis of existing conditions before beginning the design process. David is able to manipulate any aspect of a site, and can implement structural changes that create a unique environment specific to a client's needs and wishes.

The following considerations are fully explored during the Site Analysis and Design phases of a project:

Site Orientation, Sun Angles, Shading and Temperature

Site Orientation, Sun Angles, Shading and Temperature Effective Use of Shading

Winter sun and summer shade are assets of any space people inhabit, either inside or outside, to such a degree that its value is often taken for granted. Those spaces that can afford summer sun in the morning, shade in the afternoon and full sun all winter will inevitably succeed better than most.

Slopes & Landforms / Hazards & Opportunities

Qualifications Variations in Elevation

Use of walls, terraces, slopes depressions, and other landforms will provide visual interest, lasting durability, and a greater range of functions. Awareness of hazards will afford protection through proper site development design.


Qualifications Vegetation Defines Spaces

Existing and proposed vegetation are combined to give color, shade, texture, rhythm, scents, screening, bird and wildlife habitat, wind block, sculptural amenities, and form spaces by their placement.

Water Features

Qualifications Interest Via Water Features

The effects of water can be a great detriment (drainage problems) or a wonderful asset to a site's character. Pools, access to ponds, fountains and irrigation enhance any project development.

Existing and Proposed Structures

Qualifications Form and Function

Buildings, walls, decks, pergolas, arbors and gazebos can be integrated or adjusted to create harmonious compositions of new structures with existing ones, to ensure a project will endure for changing seasons and years.

Prevailing Winds

Qualifications Working with Nature

If properly considered, through master planning, by a landscape architect, structures and landscape elements can be oriented before they are built to take full advantage of the prevailing winds to create a cooling effect, or can be buffeted and protected from harsh winds.

Off-site Noise Sources

Qualifications Creating Peaceful Spaces

Noise abatement can be achieved through many alternatives: vegetative filters, consideration of winds, fencing, walls, building structures, earthen berms, and 'white noise'.


Qualifications Carefully Planned Views

Focus on views can enhance desired elements and obscure the undesirable elements of a site. To frame views, to block unsavory sights, to provide hints and mystery, to make objects appear further away or closer to the viewer . . . these are some of the devices used to improve any project.

Sequence and Transitions

Qualifications Defining Boundaries

Private, semiprivate, and public spaces should each have their own character. The point where they meet and how they interact should be very clear and well designed. Both intimate and expansive spaces contribute to diverse and captivating property. Borders, gateways, views and pathways provide limited access or an inviting welcome. Fences, walls, hedges, gutters, steps, and bollards all assist in the control of vehicles and pedestrians, direct views, and stimulate interest and discovery.

Our Approach

Sustainability has always been at the core of the firm's values.

Because every site offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities, each project's design approach is tailored to the owner's program, scope, time line, architecture and budget while drawing on experience gained through over 38 years of successfully completed projects. All projects are undertaken with the aim of creating innovation, sustainable environments by implementing the best possible ideals in real world situations.

Landscape Architecture / Design

The practice of Landscape Architecture spans a multitude of skills. For any project the advice that is provided may include:

There are additional services that can be provided, either as part of an overall project, or as independent consulting:

Beautiful, sustainable landscapes start with one thing.A conversation.

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